"Live Aloha" Monetary Award    

"Live Aloha" monetary awards are given annually to deserving Washington Middle School (WMS) students through the Suzanne Nakano Giving fund. Thus far, awards have been given to the following students: An Riccardo Tran, Gyuyun Kim (2 times), Kwanjoon Park, Ki Hwan Kim, Ryan Nosaka, Kacy Kuniyoshi, Aulani Eschlebach, Michael Wu, Hanseong Kim, Kaiyuan Zheng, Maximilian Sato, Yuto Matsuba, Xander Velardo (2 times), Hien Duong, Skye Miyauchi (2 times), Samara Cohen, Aristotle Bautista, Jamison Ishimaru, Ryder Shintaku, Sergei Winchester, Jin Kanesaka, Haruki Gunji, Felicity Zhou (2 times), Haoshen Zheng, Khai Tran, Min Jae Seo, Sophia Hu, Nhi Nguyen, 

Lyzandra DeJesus.

“Before Suzanne’s support, WMS was only able to send three to five students a year to national tournaments. WMS now sends about ten students a year to the national tournament. Suzanne’s support has helped not only those students with financial need, but also helps the team field our strongest chess players. In the last five years, WMS has produced four national individual chess champions and four national chess team champions.”

-Roderick Floro, math and chess teacher

Example of a Material Donation
Aloha Suzanne,
I wish to send you and your company my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your generous donation of student desks.
My students will be thrilled to have their own desks because we discussed that the current trapezoid tables aren't the most ideal study space. 
Your willingness to think of others and freely donate makes you a truly spectacular person. The world needs more folks like you. I cannot thank you enough for your gift that will be appreciated for many years. Your donation will not be forgotten. Mahalo nui loa for everything you do for Hawai’i’s keiki.
With my deepest gratitude & warmest aloha,
-Kait Huff, Kaʻala Elementary “Teacher of Promise" Awardee




46th IkenoboHeadmaster

Citizens Patrol 

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Thank you cards from Ka'ala Elementary School students.

Ka'ala Elementary School desk and

Hawaiian dictionary donation (Na Mea Hawai'i)

What is "Invest Aloha"?

"Invest Aloha" is caring for and giving to others. It includes the intrinsic value of returns and results that cannot be enumerated. Suzanne Nakano Realty, Inc.’s motto is, “Invest aloha in others.” As part of fulfilling this motto, Suzanne Nakano Realty, Inc., along with the Sheridan Citizens Patrol, Honolulu Police Department, Makiki Christian Church, and Operation Weed & Seed, have been hosting an annual neighborhood dinner for the past twelve years. The Patrol walks the neighborhood twice per week to help keep the community a safe place for families to thrive.

Since its establishment in 2007, the Suzanne Nakano Giving Fund has donated over $300,000 to support thirty-nine charities. The fund continues to give annually to some of the charities.

Suzanne actively volunteers for other community service organizations: Hawaii Christian Foundation, New Hope Christian Fellowship Women in Love group, and the Ikenobo Ikebana Society.

Suzanne is a licensed Ikenobo Japanese flower arranging instructor with the Hawaii Kai Ikenobo Group. She enjoys leading a team of "singing and praying angels" who encourage people at homes and medical facilities and writing inspiring non-fiction stories.