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360° Reviews From Clients, Competitors, and Real Estate Industry Leaders

The Aloha 'Aina Realtor Award recognizes Realtors for their extraordinary service, thorough follow-through, and fair dealings. The judging was "blind" so the names and company affiliations of the nominees were not known to the judges.

Suzanne was one of the top ten Realtors selected from over 1,300-1,600 annual submissions. She is the only Realtor to win this award for three consecutive years.

1888 Kalakaua Ave.

Suite C312

Honolulu, HI 96815

"Suzanne Nakano has experience, knowledge, education and professional credentials that can create value for her clients. Her experience has been gained as real estate broker in Hawaii and an executive working in Japan for two of the most important international consulting companies in the world. I have been impressed with her thoroughness, follow-through, and integrity as well as her genuine kindness in dealing with people.”

- Nicholas Ordway, J.D. Ph.D. Professor of Financial Economics and Institutions University of Hawai'i

“There is simply no one like her. Truly. We were extremely pleased and impressed with Suzanne’s service, and trust her without question. Suzanne was knowledgeable about every component of the transaction and attentive to the details. She and her team communicated with us at night and on weekends, demonstrating that client service was of utmost importance to them. She responded promptly and made good recommendations so we saved substantial funds during the closing process. The transaction was completed in a short period of time despite the complexities. She could have simplified her life by making choices for us, but she always provided advantages and disadvantages of options. We highly recommend her.”
- The Allen Young Family

“Another Realtor tried to help us sell our commercial space, but was unsuccessful. However, when Suzanne explained the market and suggested a target marketing strategy, the property quickly sold. Suzanne has a wonderful balance of being both professional and personable at the same time. She is very knowledgeable, caring, thorough, and efficient. She will sacrificially work in your best interest. We highly recommend her to anyone needing real estate assistance.”

- Dr. & Mrs. Brian Misaka

"Suzanne is the most strategic and capable Realtor I have ever met. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with her both on the seller and buyer side of transactions and have consistently been impressed by her work and professionalism. Suzanne has the highest degree of integrity. She is incredibly intelligent and is a true consultant to her clients. I've worked with four other realtors and know a dozen or so more but I can honestly say that Suzanne is undoubtedly the best, both in her results and her approach. I can confidently say that no one genuinely cares about their clients and their well-being more than Suzanne.”

- Son-Jai Paik

Representing a foreign absentee owner is always difficult. Suzanne went beyond the call of duty by prepping a uniquely situated dormitory apartment for sale by making sure all buyer questions would be answered; seller’s concerns would be addressed and the property itself would be safe and ready for showings. Her suggestion to items such as retaining security; part-time landscapers; tree trimmers; roof and drainpipe experts; appraiser; handyman; solar and gas vendors etc were on point. She suggested sales recommendations with owner’s concerns and policies in mind. We thank Ms. Nakano for her assistance and expertise.

Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert, A Law Corporation, Christine A. Kubota, Esq.

"Suzanne provided this phenomenal result: She helped us sell our condominium at a value of OVER 100,000 DOLLARS more than an offer we received when a previous agent listed our property.
This is how she achieved the outstanding result. Our family trust owned a condominium for 30 years. We had a tenant who wasn’t paying rent or taking care of the property. Finally, the property manager evicted the tenant. At the time of the eviction, the tenant owed us $12,000 in rent. Since there were many challenges managing the unit, we decided to sell it.
We asked Suzanne to list the property. However, since she was aware that another agent had referred us to the property manager and had facilitated communication with that manager, Suzanne suggested having that agent list the property.
We agreed with her on the condition that if our condominium didn’t sell in six months, we would have Suzanne list it.
The other agent listed our VACANT unit for six months. We received one very low offer that included us paying half of a $44,000 future assessment. We were not happy with this result.
Then we listed our unit with Suzanne. Since our condominium was in poor condition, she put her “turn this place into a jewel” team to work. They completed painting, carpeting, handyman work, cleaning, and staging on cue. She predicted that our minimal renovation cost would result in a good return. After seeing its “frog into a prince” transformation, we felt like buying the unit ourselves.
Even though we received only one extremely low offer with the previous listor, Suzanne, after completing detailed market research, dared to suggest that we list the property at a higher price than the previous agent did. Suzanne identified high probability buyers and simultaneously launched several marketing strategies to reach them. Due to her deft preparation, “buyer response sensitive” research, and astute marketing, we received multiple offers within one week. She fanned the flames of competition for the unit that resulted in a bidding situation and ended with a value of over 100,000 dollars more than what we had previously received with the other agent. It is to Suzanne’s credit that we profited more than we imagined possible. We accepted an all cash offer that closed in 2.5 weeks. It was spectacular!
The all-cash buyer, who won the bidding, contacted Suzanne through her marketing materials. Due to the competitive environment she created, he increased his offer price twice! We went from depression, due to rental losses and one very low offer in six months, to elation with an all cash offer at $100,000+ value more! The result of her work is proof of her accomplished negotiation skills. We accepted the strongest, highest possible offer. We told Suzanne, “We didn’t know you were this wonderful!”
Suzanne also proved her in depth knowledge about real estate transactions by emphasizing all the positives about our condo, while at the same time disclosing everything about the property upfront so that buyers would submit their offer knowing all disclosures. She suggested hiring an inspector to provide a report that we attached to the disclosure statement since we were absentee owners. Plus, Suzanne apprised prospective buyers that we would not pay for the future assessment.
Another quality that sets her apart from other Realtors is her maintenance of the highest ethical standards. Several prospective buyers contacted Suzanne through her marketing efforts and asked her to represent them to purchase our unit. But she explained that she represented only our best interests and would not be able to represent them. Suzanne was not lured by profit and kept her loyalty to us alone.
The following aspect of Suzanne impressed us as much as our $100,000+ gain. It is her respect for her fellow Realtor. When Suzanne listed our property, she told us that she would share some of her commissions with the previous listor simply because she wanted to recognize the other Realtor’s effort. We told her that it wasn’t necessary. But she insisted. By the way, Suzanne doesn’t know the previous listor other than acknowledging that agent as someone in the same industry. It is unheard of that a Realtor would suggest that another Realtor have the first opportunity to sell a property, and then share their commissions to recognize that the previous listor did some work even though there was a vivid performance contrast between the Realtors.
We don’t know of anyone else who gives to or respects their competitors as much as Suzanne does. She said, “I want to be the Realtor who other agents desire to work with.”
I know how Realtors are because I was a licensed Hawaii real estate agent for fifteen years. Suzanne stands out from the crowd in so many ways, but mostly as the person who EVERYONE desires to work with.

- Shorin Hawaii, Inc.

“The marketing material Suzanne provides is very impressive. Her use of web pages, drone footage, detailed content, and high-resolution photos makes Suzanne’s listings stand out over the others on CoStar and LoopNet.”

- Nate Wilson, CoStar Group

"Suzanne’s services are head and shoulders above any other real estate professional with whom I have ever worked. Contrary to the contemporary impersonal communication, the services she provides are of high personal involvement. Suzanne is exceedingly honest, full of integrity, strategic, unbelievably patient and knowledgeable, and utterly professional, as well as a friend to the military. I am very pleased to provide my highest recommendation of Suzanne’s services. She is the embodiment of aloha and I am so grateful to have found her and fortunate to count her as one of my Hawaii ohana (family)."

- Hollie A. Ortega

“Our family has had the fortunate gift of time, having the opportunity to work with Suzanne for over three decades. Her qualities as a Realtor, truly outstanding from the outset, have matured even further, expanding her generosity and touching others well beyond business circles, and into Hawaii’s communities. Suzanne has always possessed unquestionable integrity to the very highest degree. Suzanne provided an impeccable attention to detail, never leaving a stone unturned for our family. Her professionalism, drive, and compassion provided us the highest value possible in EVERY aspect of our transaction. Always with the utmost consideration of her clients, and community, Suzanne left us with her appreciation, “I love to give and wish to encourage others to experience the joy of giving,” …And most accurately depicts the character and nature of Suzanne Nakano.”
- Dorcas Yee Family Trust

"Suzanne Nakano is a blessing to everyone she touches in her professional and personal life. Her commitment to excellence is manifested in the level of client satisfaction and repeat business she has sustained for decades. From her marketing strategies to her wealth of knowledge of the residential and commercial markets to treating buyers and sellers with dignity, she is the consummate professional. Her ethics are without question and her attention to detail guarantees satisfaction by all who work with her. I know this because Suzanne has transacted the purchase and sale of two Honolulu properties for me and throughout these years we continue to share a cherished friendship. Suzanne lives her motto “invest aloha in others.”

- Jo Frederic 

"I feel fortunate to have Suzanne as my Realtor. Thus far, she has helped me with six transactions and handled everything with excellence and integrity. Although they weren’t million dollar properties, she treated each transaction as if it were a palatial estate. Suzanne is extremely sensitive to market demand and appropriate pricing that maximized my profit. All work was done with accountability to my review, but I only had to look at the phenomenal result and sign. I didn’t have to worry about any details."

- Sue Nakata

“Suzanne is the perfect Realtor and businesswoman. She is generous with everything—her time, energy, and resources. She has been helping us to invest in real estate for thirty years, which has allowed us to build the wealth that we are using to enjoy life. She handles everything for us. She even coordinated renovation work on an investment property that we sold to build a new home on another investment property that she helped us to acquire.”

- Samuel Ige Trust & Jane Ige Trust

"Suzanne's knowledge of renovating a property and how to get it prepared for sale without spending a lot of money was valuable. She has extensive contacts in the construction field and coordinated all the contractors and oversaw the renovation work prior to sale. Not many Realtors I know can do this. I was kept in the loop with emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings from preparing my property for sale to closing the sale. Although I know Suzanne had other clients to deal with at the same time, she made me feel like my property mattered the most."

- Mark Muranaka, Muranaka Environmental Consultants, Inc.

"It has been a pleasure working with Suzanne for many years on several commercial properties as the inspector and construction engineer. Her knowledge of all real estate and financial aspects of these types of properties is excellent, and she always seeks to increase her knowledge in these fields. I don't know of any other Realtor who does things the right way (research, preparation, disclosure), like Suzanne does."

- Lance Luke, Construction Management Inspection, LLC, Construction Engineer, best-selling author

“Suzanne Nakano has assisted us in our real estate acquisitions over several years and has provided excellent analyses and professional advice in our search for investment properties. She is very thorough and informed about the Hawaii market, and extremely responsive, which is very important in a seller’s market! We would highly recommend Suzanne Nakano to anyone who needs a real estate Broker.”

- Chris & Tertia Freas

“Suzanne's work ethic is unmatched and her attention to detail is impeccable. Suzanne's ability as a marketing strategist and proficient negotiator enabled us to have multiple over-asking offers and expedited a fast and clean closing that surpassed our financial expectations. We gave her a short timeframe, yet Suzanne perfectly executed all marketing within a few days by Friday, held an open house on Sunday, and we had multiple offers by Monday. We signed a purchase contract and a backup contract on Tuesday, and closed the transaction within one month. We consider Suzanne not only a trusted family Realtor but part of our family.”

- Matthew Goldsmith & Lauren Ho

“She is hardworking, resourceful, funny, honest, and good natured. Suzanne charged on in search of the perfect house for us, never once giving up even though we almost gave up hope ourselves. It is because of her diligent work that we found the house we are in now. We feel it is the perfect house in the location we desired and at the price we wanted. She put no pressure on us to buy, and we appreciated this immensely. It has been a pleasure to work with Suzanne. We are very grateful and thank her deeply.”

- Tom & Elaine Dunn

“Suzanne strikes us as being excellent in whatever she does. Dealing with Suzanne was the most delightful and satisfying experience. In a short timeframe, she managed to gather multiple offers, and sell our condominium for a higher price than asked by fully engaging and exercising her efficiency, innovation and creativity. She directed a rather unique open house as an art exhibition of Setsuko’s paintings. People enjoyed the event as much more than just an open house!"

- Graham Parkes & Setsuko Aihara

"We told Suzanne what we wanted in our Hawaii dream home and she helped us get exactly what we desired. She used great teamwork with other professionals in various fields to help us with our purchase and to settle into our Hawaii home. We are very happy that we have Suzanne not only as our Realtor, but also as our friend."

- Hideki & Kyoko Miyazaki

"Even though Suzanne knew we wouldn’t purchase a property until SIX years into the future, she faithfully showed us suitable condominiums for our family and cat. She embodies the ”ALOHA” Spirit in every aspect of her professional and personal life. Suzanne is not only an accomplished Realtor, but also a friend you can count on and who will go the extra distance for you. She gave her all to help us. She is an inspiration to our family. She sets the bar high for Realtor integrity, excellence, and knowledge."

- Rod & Leola Sueoka

"Aloha Suzanne, I just wanted to convey my thanks again to you for your excellent communication, professionalism and overall pleasant demeanor throughout our transaction.  It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I hope we can work together again.”

- David Asakura (B), CCIM Partner | Principal Broker Commercial Asset Advisors

“Suzanne was recommended by our family attorney and turned out to be an ideal choice. She was unfailingly pleasant, knowledgeable, paid attention to details, proactive, honest, fair and trustworthy.
She had a keen sense of the market and, following her advice, we were able to sell our property quickly at the asking price. In fact, friends were surprised at how quickly it was sold.
The transaction involved a lot of paperwork, and Suzanne always made time to sit with us and shepherd us through any questions we had (and we had many) on the many pages of documents. We could tell that she knew her stuff.
In addition, we felt that she genuinely cared about the transaction and always made sure we were comfortable about how she was handling the sale. We felt like she was more a partner than an agent.
She gave us both a higher regard for what realtors did and the difference a caring realtor would make in a transaction.
We cannot think of anyone else who could have been a better choice for us.”
- Cyrus Won, Successor Co-trustee of the Way Kwong Won Revocable Living Trust, Sherrie Rupert, Successor Co-trustee of the Way Kwong Won Revocable Living Trust

"Suzanne Nakano Realty, Inc.'s motto is "invest aloha in others." This corporate motto was definitely carried out in our transaction. Suzanne provided outstanding service and saved us hundreds of dollars by keeping the transaction on schedule, and negotiating with the land surveyor, termite inspection and escrow company for the best terms."

- Clinton K. Inouye, Trustee of the Fumi T. Inouye Trust

"I have worked with Suzanne on real estate business and community projects. Her work has always been done with high Integrity, keeping her word in the projects that she has completed. I wish to continue to work with her because she is committed to others before herself.

Joe Paikai, Realtor, PB, Keller Williams Honolulu

“Suzanne responds to all questions swiftly, using concise, sound professional judgment. She handles and treats each transaction and client as equals, not putting one over the other. She excels above and beyond the call of duty with her diligence, which is why she is a most valuable asset to the real estate industry. She walked us through the entire transaction process step by step in layman’s terms. We have complete confidence and trust in her and are extremely grateful to her.”

- Roy & Cynthia Murata

“I have never undertaken a big financial project of purchasing a home on my own. I committed myself to Suzanne’s expertise and am thankful I did. She is an exceptional Realtor and a remarkable woman. She made every effort to support me and my family through a challenging transition. Consequently, the seller wanted to know if Suzanne was related to me by blood or marriage. She responded, “I am not related to the buyer by blood or marriage, but I believe that I am related to the buyer by the heart.”

- Charlotte Johnson

"Suzanne’s work excellence and integrity are demonstrated in her strong ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems. We appreciate her professionalism, and knowledge and understanding of the real estate market."

- Van Yoneda

“Suzanne Nakano is a professional real estate broker. She has shown integrity, knowledge, and fairness in all her real estate transactions. It is a pleasure to do property management work for Suzanne. She is a caring person and I highly recommend her for real estate brokerage.”    

- Wayne Kirito, President, Equity Properties, Inc.

“Suzanne Nakano is the consummate professional and can be counted on to be active in every step of the escrow process. Her thoroughness makes for a smooth and successful escrow process. It is always a pleasure to work with Suzanne to achieve successful escrow closings for her clients.” 

- Jeremy Trueblood, Branch Manager, Title Guaranty Escrow Services, Inc.

“Suzanne made sure that we reviewed all alternatives available to us before we made the final and best home purchase decision. She also referred us to a good mortgage broker to get the best loan rate. She is selfless and sincerely cares about her client’s best interest. She gives her time, talent, and assets to support the community.”

- Dexter & Barbara Sensui

"We had an opportunity to work with Suzanne Nakano for the sale of an apartment building in Kakaako and we must say that her professionalism was outstanding. She was very detailed with her inspections, and her initiative to follow through with all contingencies were exceptional. Not only was she professional but she had a great personality showing care and concern in handling the tenants. We look forward to working with Suzanne again in the future." 

- Horita Realty LLC, Francis Kuba (R) & Randy Kuba (RA)

"I work with a lot of Realtors and have found Suzanne to be one of the most diligent with respect to sacrificially putting her client’s best interest first. She takes the time to donate, recycle, and repurpose goods, which saves her client moving fees, is kind to our environment and generous to others. Some say they will do the things she does, but they don’t do it."

- 2 Guys & A Truck, LLC, Richard Shimmon

"Suzanne helped us sell our Honolulu property and it was a tremendous success. She made things clear at every stage, so that we never experienced anxiety or uncertainty. Selling an apartment on the Mainland ten years later was a totally different experience, which made us realize how meticulously Suzanne had explained every detail with a timetable and estimated closing costs. We asked Suzanne for advice since the situation became too difficult with two rounds of different listing agents. She gave us clear suggestions and made sure we wouldn't encounter any more problems. She truly cares about her clients as if they were family. While some realtors are mainly concerned with immediate profit, we recommend Suzanne as a sincere and true professional who naturally wins her clients' full confidence and trust."

- Graham Parkes & Setsuko Aihara

"Suzanne was a breeze to work with! She kept everything organized with open communication channels. She trusted our professional opinions while making sure she satisfied the client's vision. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a great Realtor!"

- Shaolin Low, ASP CEO + Lead Designer, Paper Town Home Staging